A Journey from Corporate to Politics

“He wasn’t a big man, but he was our man,” is how Mr. Dilip K Pandey would want to be remembered in the times to come. On 14th June, 2020, he joined us as our first guest for Youth Quesions.

Mr. Dilip Pandey, MLA from the Aam Aadmi Party is an author, musician, social worker and politician. A computer engineer by profession, he entered politics after participating in the Anna Movement. He believes in the transformative power of “Jan-neeti” and has committed his life to serving others. He served as the Co-Convener of AAP during the 2015 Delhi Assembly Elections. Currently, he is the Chief Whip of the party and a DDA member.

The one hour session saw the speaker talk candidly about his life before and after entering politics. Hailing from a small town, the Ghazipur district in Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Pandey completed his school education from there. Growing up, he had a keen interest in computers and went on to pursue higher studies in the same field from Bhopal. Coming from an agrarian background, he shouldered the responsibility of financially supporting his family. After completing his masters education he went on to lead the “typical corporate lifestyle”. Until, the Anna Hazare Movement took place.

Mr. Dilip Pandey was based in Hong Kong when he was made aware of the anti-corruption movement taking shape in India. Inspired from the idea of driving the change in his homeland, he left his job to return to his country in 2012 to join the movement. Back then, the collective was non-political. But becoming cognizant of the fact that one needs to enter politics to change it, the political outfit named Aam Aadmi Party was formed and Mr. Pandey became a part of it.

Moving on, Mr. Pandey talked about the difficult decision he had to make of whether to contest the Delhi Assembly elections or not, after losing the Lok Sabha election, which he eventually did and won. Discussing the governance model he follows, he said that education, health and environment were three important pillars that each government in power should focus on. Further, he discussed a bit about how his party has been focusing on these three issues in Delhi.

When it came to the question of digitizing the political landscape, Mr. Pandey said going forward, given the pandemic, technological tools will enter each and every field and politics will be no exception. Platforms like Digital Parliament would then assume the role of the primary connection between the constituencies and their elected representatives. Tech based initiatives like ours carry the potential of taking the policies from the politicians to the beneficiaries of the policies.

The floor was then opened to questions and Mr. Pandey engaged enthusiastically with the viewers. To catch the full session, tap on the YouTube link above!

Digital Parliament – What We Do

We live in an era where information is the most crucial currency and technology drives the world round. While we see tech seeping into all sectors, a major lag is felt in the arena of politics and governance. Technology holds immense potential for changing the landscape of this dynamic sector, and its need is largely felt in the wide communication gap between the masses and their elected representatives.

In recognition of this major communication lag and the need for an online platform to facilitate reach and interaction of outfits working in governance and public interest, the idea of Digital Parliament was conceived. Digital Parliament is an innovative tech based platform for social interaction between stakeholders and associations/communities/unions/political parties. Created with the intent of bridging the gap between political parties and the citizens, the platform intends to serve as a comprehensive, elaborate yet easy to use digital gateway for the tech enabled young India to become an informed and active participant in politics. The app has something to offer to all stakeholders.

  • Political Parties and Representatives – Connect with masses to communicate your agenda/stream of thought.
  • Societies, Associations, Unions – Digital presence enabling easier communication, election management and campaigns
  • Citizens – Interact with representatives, communicate problems, seek solutions.

From the youth of today to the top executives in the corporates, all are using digital tools more rampantly which makes going online an ideal solution. It was founded by a driven group of people trying to navigate and understand the political system. Digital parliament is conceptualized by Ms Harsha Mukerjee, Mr. Rajesh Soni and the technical outfit is given by Mr. Shridhar Gune.

As a part of the project, Digital Parliament’s flagship talk show, Youth Questions, was launched on 14th June, 2020. Hosted by the founder, Ms. Harsha Mukherjee, Youth Questions is laying the foundation to connect with the leaders and to discuss things that matter for the “future of today”. The weekly talk-show has been envisioned as a candid interaction with politicians, trade unions leaders, social workers, etc, which will take place over Zoom. A recording will be available on the YouTube channel of Digital Parliament as well.

Tune in every Sunday at 4 pm for your daily dose of politics, governance and learn directly from the law makers!

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